Monday, January 4, 2010

Moving Maven from Flex 3 to Flex 4

Often you may have a dependency for Flex 3 in your pom.xml, such as:


and you may be wondering how to get up to speed with Flex 4 as you cannot find a version # to attach to the SDK you downloaded! Well you can look here: as this page lists the build # that you want to stick into the tag.

For example, after looking at the website listed above,
a) with flex 4 beta 2 you would put:
b) with flex 4 beta 1 you would put:

Also you can check you local installation: FLEX_HOME\sdks\X.X.X\flex-sdk-description.xml

If you have flex mojos as part of your pom also then make sure to have a look here too: ... You should also know that it didn't seem to work right away, instead afterr half hour of leaving that config in place but not having it work, eclipse magically found and downloaded the right compiler version and all went well. Not sure if it had to do with network timeouts or if the stuff was just added to the maven repo very recently.


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