Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Flex4: Transitions

Why transitions suck?
Because of their workflow:
1) the components are getting included or excluded from the state, also their state-based properties are put into effect immediately
2) the animation/transition is run
3) the state-based properties are put into effect once again

For example:
For a component that can go between the collapsed and expanded state:
a) the body suddenly shows up in the expanded state and then it disappears to go from a fade of 0 to 1 ... very clunky
b) OR, if we try to fix that by saying that alpha.expanded=0 so that this component will come into the expanded state with alpha of 0 and the starting point of the animation and the state-based property will be the same ... then the initial presentation of fade from 0 to 1 goes well but afterwards the state-based alpha of 0 takes effect once again the component becomes invisible .... so bad :(


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