Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Making the most of Spring-Flex 1.5.x

First of all the maven dependency can be appropriated like so:

One of the never-before-seen features that has just been released as part of M2 is to allow a custom LoginCommand to be plugged in via the tag. Here's the forum thread that served as the matchstick for this great feature to be added. Why else would someone want to do this? Well to take away simple flaws like this one until the open-source project gets around to it.

If you run into issues with the latest spring-flex-1.5.xsd not being published look here. And its always a good idea to visit the forums as well.

Any users who utilized the services-config.xml to setup a custom logger, may notice that it doesn't kick-in anymore. That is because the good folks at spring-flex had the foresight to add a DefaultExceptionLogger. But as great as that is, I must admit that it is a bit of mystery as to how one can make the default go away.

Regardless, having the javadocs and the reference by your side is always helpful.

Something that troubles a few folks is not knowing that using <flex:secured/> tag (even before M2) will blow away any security configuration that was done in services-config.xml, so it is important to have a look at flex-servlet.xml and make sure you know whether or not the <flex:secured/> tag is being used.

It is also worth knowing that the M2 release is not without its flaws. Whatever is wrong with it will be fixed in 1.5.0RC1 so if you want whatever has already been fixed before RC1 becomes available then get a SNAPSHOT build.


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