Monday, October 31, 2011

Hacking Weebly: PowWeb's Drag & Drop Builder


  • What led to the Weebly hack-a-thon?
  • What had kept me from using Weebly in the first place?
  • What keeps my love & "ughhh" relationship with Weebly going?

Lets Hack!

  • How can images be replaced if the Weebly template does not allow it?
  • How can expandable/collapsible (+/-) areas be added?


  1. Two ways to do so:
    1) You can drag & drop a "custom html" element/widget on to your page and paste the script in there. This works out fine but if you have 6 pages then you have to repeat the same thing in all 6 pages!!!
    2) Instead you can append the script in either the header or the footer textareas provided for SEO optimization in the "Settings", that works well and only needs to maintained in one place. Header textarea might work better than footer.

  2. Really hoping you still check here :p. So I've tried to use this script, and used both methods of placing the first block of code into the header under settings, and I've tried it in widget form. I also copy/pasted the second block of code into another widget, changing the text of "Click me to control show/hide." and "The div wrapped content will be shown/hidden at your whim." to match my needs. The widget shows as being there, with the inputted text hidden, but clicking it does nothing. Is there something I'm missing? I'm an utter newbie at this, so there's a big chance I skipped something important. Please help!

  3. I want to help but it's been so long and my lazy brain doesn't remember!