Friday, December 16, 2011

Use web analytics as a mirror for your users

The question on you mind may be: What do I possibly have to gain by exposing my website analytics to my users?
Well, if used simply & sparingly, it offers you a chance to engage your users by letting them satiate their curiosity about where they belong in the overall community that frequents the given website.

The following tools are polar opposites in how they decide to track the information that will be exposed but both offer the ability to expose the data and controls for which parts to expose:
  • SeeTheStats - hooks into your Google Analytics account to collect the data and will let you expose it in a controlled manner.
  • Piwik - runs locally on your webserver to collect real-time data and expose it in a controlled manner. You can check this link to find hosts that offer automated installation of Piwik on your webserver. In my experience PowWeb is another host that does this well.


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