Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wrong Archive - "ios app archive" vs "generic xcode archive"

  • Everything in your life was fine and then one day when you decided to Archive your Xcode build as usual ... BAM! ... out of the blue, the end result turned out to be weird / different one than usual.
  • It almost seems wrong and on closer inspection you can surely tell that what used to work
    • had the archive type "ios app archive"
    • whereas the newer strange build results has the archive type "generic xcode archive"
  • The reason this is happening is because you've added a new framework(s) for which you need to edit the Target > Build Settings and set the Skip Install setting to Yes. Afterwards the "Archive" process will start producing normal end results again.


  1. In addition, I also had to move all header files listed in the Public and Private sections of Build Phases to the Project section. More info:

  2. Thank you! I was importing at least 10-15 static libraries/bundles. In order to track down which one I forgot the flag on, when "Generic XCode Archive" was created, I chose "Distribute" and saved to my local disk. You can navigate into the folder and see which products are being built -- it was a resource bundle for me.

  3. @Mike that is truly a brilliant suggestion! After 2-3 months, I couldn't believe when I hit the same problem again and thanks to your approach I identified and removed a child .xcodeproj from Xcode, which I was importing in both as a .framework and .xcodeproj (keeping around for active development).