Thursday, August 9, 2012

Upgrade Eclipse to WTP

  • Upgrading eclipse to its WTP (Web Tools Platform) counterpart can often be quite a painful process as you can run into compatibility issues when Eclipse is done calculating the dependencies. Often when this happens its an indication that you need to figure out the exact release of your Eclipse installation and then add the corresponding WTP url that will allow for downloads matching that version.
  • I went to look in the About section of Eclipse but that only told me Eclipse SDK Version: 3.7.2 and I didn't find that very helpful for Google searches. But then I noticed that on the splash page, which launches before Eclipse comes up, it said Indigo.
  • This quickly led me to perform a Google search and add the appropriate URL for downloading and installing WTP platform. Afterwards with only that URL selected as the repository for the upgrade, there were no dependency errors at all :)


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